It physically treats water without usage of any type of chemical or salt.It modifies crystallization of calcium and magnesium part using the natural process, called ELECTROPHORESIS. Electronic microcomputer applies special electronic impulses and changes the crystallization process of the calcium and other elements in hard water, which causing the particles to loose their ability to stick to the surface.

Green Solution to Hard Water.


Maintenance free

Because conditioning systems require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service.

Chemical free

Providing Enviromental friendly solution.In the salt-free process minerals are retained in the water, but their form is changed so they will not adhere to surfaces. “Salt free” water softeners are actually not softeners, they are “water conditioners”.

Salt free

Provides your water with soft water characteristics without the addition of salt or chemicals.

Unique Features:

Low electricity consumption, just 5 watt-even less than ZERO's bulb.

Very safe, as no part of system comes in contact with water

Zero maintenance cost for years as it is both chemical and salt free.

Can work with various pipes like Galvanize, U-PVC, C-PVC, Copper,SS or any.

Different models are available for various pipes ranging from 0.5-4 inches.

Very easy installation process and its easily fits on your current piping system without any extra plumbing effort.

It isn't just stop scale forming but gradually removes previously deposited scale in pipe.


Use of E-water Conditioning System, do not allow to develope scale and also gradually cleans old previously deposited scale from pipes over the period of time.

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